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(Top- Rear cover picture from Carousel Park album from the collection of Richard Post)

Recent photos of the Organ from June 28, 2004
Click on each picture for full size version

Center of Organ

Organ- Left side of center

Organ- Right side of center


Statue at left end of organ

Statue at right end of organ

The organ is currently not operational.   Today you would hear taped music as you rode the Illions horses. 


Gebrueder Bruder Organ at Flushing Meadows NY

By Tim Trager


Residing in the circa 1905 Stubbman Mangels-Illions four-abreast carousel is a Gebrueder Bruder 80-key Elite Apollo Orchester bandorgan. The carousel and organ came from historic Coney Island and were moved to the park in 1964 to become part of the New York World's Fair.

The Corona Park Bruder is one of just two 80-keyless Elite Apollo Orchesters known to exist. The B.A.B. Organ Company of Brooklyn converted the organ to play from their 87-key rolls. Max Nowicki, a long time organ repairman, converted one of the frames to play from Wurlitzer 165 rolls. The original 80-key scale of the organis an enlargement of the 69-key scale which is the foundation of theWurlitzer 165 scale.

Elite Apollo organs are very special indeed! When new, they cost double of what the regular piano/forte Gebrueder Bruders sold for. The price in 1912 was 20,000 gold marks. The cost of keyless bookmusic was 20% higher than standard 80-keyless music.

The pipework in an 80-key Elite Apollo is very orchestral and is similar to that of a large French fairground organ with baritones,wood trumpets, brass trumpets, and many ranks of violin and cellopipes. The large-scale pipework literally fills the organ case.

The Elite Apollo organs are deeply pitched and are a pleasure to listen to -- just ask anyone who enjoys a Wurlitzer 165 which is based on the Elite Apollo design! The expression of the organ is controlled by seven automatic registers as well as swell shutters. The organ's scale has 10 bass notes, 14 accompaniment notes, 23 melody notes,and 20 counter-melody notes.

The present condition of the Corona Park Bruder can best be described as poor. This once magnificent band organ has suffered greatly over the years. Max Nowicki has done his best to keep it playing on a very small budget allowed by the city of New York. Pipes have been stolen from the organ along with the beautiful center figure of a woman holding a torch. At last report the female statues holding the trumpets were still on the organ.

What is the future of this historic and rare organ? Who knows? I have tried to purchase it but I have discovered that it is nearly impossible to deal with City Hall. It would be great for the city to realize the treasure they have and properly restore it. I believe that it has the potential to be one of the finest sounding band organs in America if properly restored.

Tim Trager tim@timtrager.com (reprinted with permission)


That old organ is a real treasure and desperately needs to be properly restored.  There are several qualified restorers in England and Germany who could properly restore it to its former glory. 

The late Fred Fried who wrote the book on carousels informed me that this organ was originally used in Coney Island and that it was acquired by trading it for a shipment of wheat to Germany!  Mr. Fried also told me that someone had stolen the center statue shown in your photograph.  Kids have also stolen pipes out of it which Max Nowicki tried to replace. 

If this organ was restored, the sound would be FANTASTIC!  To just ignore it and let it rot is a crime!  It is time that someone in New York stirred the pot to restore and save it.  I  will certainly supply any information I have to help in that cause.

Tim Trager
tim@timtrager.com (reprinted with permission 9/01)

(added 10/07)

Here is a rare view of the Corona Park Bruder when it was new at Stubbman's Beer Garden. This picture was provided from Waldkirch, Germany where the organ was made. Notice the organ is not installed within the carousel in the early years.
(Photo provided by Tim Trager)


Gebrueder Bruder Organ at Flushing Meadows NY
By Jeff Alterman

There is a beautiful looking Gebrueder Bruder organ on the Flushing Meadows park carousel which once played 87 key B.A.B. rolls, but it is no longer playing.  I don't think that New York City, who owns the carousel, is going to be willing to spend the money to have the organ restored because of the tremendous expense involved in restoring such a large organ.

A suggestion has come to mind that I think that someone should offer to buy the organ from the city for a fair price and offer to place a good organ on the carousel that either plays Wurlitzer 165 rolls or 66-key B.A.B. rolls and would be much easier to maintain.  If that big organ is restored it would be a magnificent instrument with almost unparalleled musical effects.

I was at Flushing Meadow Park today and noticed that you can read some of the lettering on the swell shutters through the paint if you look carefully and the light is at the right angle.  The lettering on the left side of the swell shutters as you face the organ says "Gebrueder Bruder orgelfabrik".  The lettering that was visible on the other side says "Waldkirch", which was where the organ was manufactured.

Jeff Alterman

June 1, 2000

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