Your excursion on the Coney Island carousel is coming to an end.  The bell has sounded and the ride is slowing to a stop. We hope it has been a pleasant interlude, evocative of memories and intriguing fantasies. There will never be another ride just like this—there was only one Feltman carousel—but we hope to provide glimpses of other worthy subjects in future pages.

The next ride will depend largely on your response to the first. Continued publication will depend on reaching a significant number of carousel fans throughout the country who share our love for this unique aspect of our cultural heritage. If such a group can be assembled, we will produce future catalogs expanded to include additional restoration supplies, as well as the latest in research information and the finest of available carvings. The new edition would be sent free to those readers who have used the previous catalog for purchase of ten dollars or more.

We would be pleased also to provide an exchange of information and experiences among our readers in hope of advancing our collective knowledge and promoting the appreciation and preservation of remaining carousels. Please write us your thoughts.


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