S107 Exceptionally sound. Stands alone very solidly. Interesting texture on harness.
Fairly well-painted.
15 jewels.
40" x 65"  Price: $800.

S108    Later style. Ornate trappings with 81 jewels. Sound condition throughout.
52"x66"  Price: $800.

S109    Ornate bridle. Drapery attractively gathered behind saddle. 26 jewels. Ear tips worn. Right rear leg shattered.
53"x62"  Price: $750.

S110    Later style. 43 jewels, 10 missing. Joint at base of neck recently repaired firm. Both rear legs broken.
55" x 59" Price: $700.

S301 This horse, like others in the 300 series, was designed to occupy one of the inner two rows of the carousel. It is especially well-suited for an apartment
or a child's room, where a larger horse might be over­ whelming. This one has a classic-style mane and a simple eagle head profile carved into the saddle. Part of left ear missing. Left shoulder joint broken.
50"x47"  Price: $400.

S302   Right shoulder needs glue. Right rear hock broken.
50" x 49"  Price: $375.

S303   Eagle saddle. Right rear leg broken. Left rear leg shattered.
53"x45"  Price: $400.

S304   Eagle saddle. Sound condition.
52"x46"  Price: $400.

S305    Very  perky  horse.   Eagle saddle.   Ear  tips missing. Left rear leg broken.
53"x48"  Price: $400.

Other Items Available

Tails   These alum-tanned genuine horse tails are the only authentic replacement for original hair tails. When rolled over a rounded peg and wedged into place, they arch and fall with a handsome natural con­tour. Half skins are ample for jumpers and smaller horses. Full tails give an elegant nourish to large standing horses. State size and color. Black, Brown.-........Full tail $10.00, Half tail $6.00

Gray, White...-..........Full tail $12.00, Half tail $7.00

A Pictorial History of the Carousel by Frederick Fried.

Already the classic reference work on carousels and band organs. A beautiful, profusely illus­trated book that is a must for anyone interested in carousels and their carvers. 9"xl2", 231 pp. Pub­lished at $15.00
Limited supply at $9.95


 W. F. Mangels Co. Carousel! Works, Catalogue

No. 4. This is a precise facsimile of a treasurehouse of nostalgia printed about 1909. Pictures of eleven carousels, including the Stubbmann and a large, promotional photograph of the Feltman. Indi­vidual illustrations of horses, organs, chariot, steam
engines, controls, and the Roman chariot ticket, booth Hlions carved for
Luna Park. Promotes several other Mangels-built rides as well as shooting gal­leries, high striker, sandwich roasters and an unbe­lievable cow-shaped milk dispenser carved by Illions.
IVz" x 11", softbound, 28 pp.$2.00

Unlisted Items

At the time of printing we are still establishing sources for some of the refinishing supplies we plan to offer, including jewels, glass eyes, gold leaf, and carved wooden tails. If you are looking for such items, drop us a line; they should be in stock soon.

How to Order

Since almost all of our figures are one-of-a-kind treasures, you may want to secure your selection with a telephone reservation. Call us at (213) 377-9659 between 8:00 A.M. and midnight, Pacific Time. A telephone reservation will hold your selection for ten days pending receipt of your check or money order. A ten percent deposit will hold the figure of your choice if you wish to arrange delayed payment.

Shipment is by motor freight. The average horse can be delivered to your door anywhere across the country for less than $25, considerably less in the West and Midwest. We charge only $10 for crating, plus a $40 deposit on our especially secure, reusable crate. Return freight on the crate from the East Coast would cost you about $15. In other words, your net cost for insured delivery should be under $50, even if you live in Maine or Miami. Allow about one-third more for large standing horses, which require heavier crates.

Arrangements for personal pickup of merchandise can be made by appointment.

In ordering, be sure to include catalog number, your name, address and telephone number. Add
5V2 % sales tax if delivered in California. Remit $50


for each figure to be crated ($40 refunded on return of crate within thirty days). For tails, books and other small items ordered separately, add 50£ uni­form mailing charge. No charge for mailing Mangels catalog reprint.

Shipping charges for crated figures will be col­lected on delivery except in Metropolitan New York and Long Island. Residents of these areas should remit an additional $30. Balance over net freight charge will be refunded.

Extra: In order to share with you an enhanced appreciation of your unique selection, we will in­clude free with the purchase of each horse a copy of the Mangels catalog reproduction featuring the Feltman and Stubbmann carousels.

Flying Horses Policy

Flying Horses is dedicated primarily to the en­hancement of the carousel. With carousel figures in­creasing steadily in value as collector's items and museum display pieces at the same time that the classic carousels have become almost prohibitively expensive to maintain as public attractions, the merry-go-round itself is in grave danger of extinc­tion. In order to help preserve the remaining classics, we will carefully avoid encouraging the retirement of any intact, operating carousel. Through our research and correspondence we hope to encourage the forma­tion of conservationist groups who could underwrite the expenses of beleaguered machines to continue their operation as historical and artistic landmarks.

We will continue to seek and make available for sale those carvings which can be preserved from previously decommissioned machines or recently operated rides with no hope of restoration as a unit. We welcome information leading to the purchase of such carvings (chariots, rims, and incidental decora­tion as well as figures) and we offer a commission for successful leads. We are always anxious to augment our research archives with documents and photo­graphs relating to the outdoor amusement industry, either through purchase of the originals or permission to make copies.

We ask our customers to share our respect for the artistry of carousel carvings. We regard the carvings offered by us to be too rare and beautiful to be sawed in half, sandblasted or exposed to weather. Please do not order any figure from us for inappro­priate exploitation or exposure.

FLYING HORSES  •  BOX 2373   •   ROLLING HILLS,   CALIFORNIA   •   (213) 377-9659

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