F105 Especially commanding, regal horse, pictured on page 6 of W. F. Mangels Co. Catalogue No. 4. 11 large jewels, 2 broken, 1 missing; 9 small jewels. Body dappled blue-gray, mane white. Good patina with some gold leaf. Both front legs broken.
60"x56"  Price: $1300.

F106   Another horse with fine patina and handsome carriage. 19 large jewels, 1 missing; 23 small jewels. Body green, mane yellow. Three joints need glue. Front of left ear missing; right ear tip worn.
61"x61"  Price: $1240.

F107 This is the only available jumper in this series. Its condition reflects the added traffic that jumping horses attract. Paint considerably worn, chipped, and spattered, with some erosion of wood over high points of the saddle. Very showy trappings with beautiful scrollwork under paint of saddle blan­
ket. IS large jewels; 51 small, 1 missing. Body blue-gray, mane coral. Both back hocks shattered. Front knees need glue.
53"x54" Price: $1050.

F108 This horse abounds with jewels and fancy trappings. Carved angels behind large, deep saddle, engraved scrollwork on blanket. 13 large jewels, 4 missing; 32 small jewels. Golden body with coral mane. Stands very solidly without support. Right ear spilt with chip missing from inside edge. Right
front knee shattered and badly repaired.
59"x57"  Price: $1190.

F109 Very ornate and beautifully carved. Espe­cially sensitive face and deeply undercut mane. Paired eagles behind saddle. As with others in this series, the painted curliques on the saddle blanket have lost any resemblance to the elegant scrollwork beneath. 15 large jewels, 1 broken; 58 small jewels—note rear
harness. Excellent patina. Beige with orange mane.
Sound throughout except for shattered left front hoof.
59"x57"  Price: $1300.

Smaller Dlions Horses, Feltman Carousel (F301, F302)

These may be the only smaller horses Illions carved for the Feltman machine, since the two inner rows were dominated by the pre-existing Looff fig­ures. These lack the fancy trappings of the outer row horses, but they have the unmistakable appeal and grace of Dlions' carvings.

F301   Orange body with green mane. Right front knee, right rear hock poorly reconstructed. Both ear tips missing.
41"x4r Price $595.

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 F302    Golden body with coral mane. Paint missing around right eye. Left front knee broken. Right Tear hock broken, poorly repaired. Left ear and tip of right ear missing.
48" x 48"  Price $550.


Looff Horses, Feltman Carousel

(FL101-FL103, FL300S, FL300J)


These nineteenth century carvings are among the oldest American carousel horses in existence. Their agreeably quaint, primitive style is typical of Looff's earliest work, which differs dramatically from the styles of later carvers working in the Looff factory. The embossed brass tassels, rings and leaves accent­ing star-cut mirrors are similar to earlier European prototypes. The parrot heads on each side of the saddles have beautiful yellow glass eyes.

A unique feature of the outside horses (100 series) was their later adaptation for incandescent illumina­tion. The original mirrors on the front harness were replaced with large jewels set over holes to transmit light from the interior. Each horse has a concealed access door and contains a porcelain light socket.

FL101    Body is red-brown with gray-blue mane. 11 large backlighted jewels. 8 mirrors with brass ring and leaf trim.  17 brass tassels. Right foreleg split. Chip missing from left ear.
58" x 60"  Price: $875.

FL102    Beige body, orange mane. 10 large jewels. 6  mirrors  and trim  (1   mirror broken).  20 brass tassels. Left foreleg split. Right front knee needs glue. Chip missing from tip of right ear.
60" x 58"  Price $875.

FL103 Deep, doubly undercut mane. Body and mana two shades of olive. 10 large jewels. 7 mirrors and trim. 22 brass tassels. Tip of forelock missing. Eartips worn. Right foreleg split. Right rear leg split. Left hip needs glue.
58" x 62"  Price $875.

FL300 We have a limited number of these smaller, inner row horses. They differ from each other only in minor variations in pose and trim. Some lack the brass tassels, and a few have no mirror on the bridle. Color schemes are similar to other in the F series. We are offering all at the same low price on a first come basis. Indicate preference for stationary (FL-300S) or jumping (FL300J) pose. Also indicate whether you will accept the alternate pose in the event your first choice is already sold out. Dimensions approximate.
FL300S 55"x44”  Price: $375.

FL300J 52"x47"  Price:  $375.


Illions Horses, Stubbmann Carousel (S101-S110, S301-S305)

This group of horses illustrates the wide spectrum of carving styles explored by Illions as he developed the distinctive trademarks and flourishes that dis­tinguish his later work. The Stubbmann carousel received admixtures of later Illions styles at least twice. The present state of our research does not per­mit us to date each style exactly. We can certify that each horse is Illions-carved and that each was on the Stubbmann (Steeplechase) merry-go-round.

The Stubbmann group has been painted more re­cently than the Feltman horses but with less care. They are daubed with enamels straight from the can, jewels and all. Textural shading, color coordination and metallic accents are abandoned in favor of the philosophy of tasteless expediency which symbolized the decline of Coney Island in later years. In order to do justice to Illions' fine carving, we advise that you plan to strip these horses and redecorate them in the Illions tradition. We will be happy to advise you in authentic techniques.

S101 This horse is a fine prototype of Illions' classic style. It embodies the flattened, folded mane, bat- wing saddle and formal, sweeping trappings that be­ came Illions' trademarks. 16 jewels. Part of left ear missing. Flare of right nostril chipped away. Left front knee needs glue. Partial split in left rear leg.
51"x60" Price $900.

S102 Handsome, jewelled trappings with fish-scale background. Rich, high saddle. 22 jewels. Left ear split. Right rear hock needs glue. Right foreleg split.
57"x63" Price: $840.

S103   Dramatic mane. Classic trappings. 23 jewels, 1 missing. Left rear leg broken.
56"x63" Price: $835.

S104   Trappings set with 30 large jewels. Part of left ear missing. Right front knee broken. Right rear hock shattered. Left rear hock, hoof split.
56"x64" Price: $795.

S105    Elegant head with flamboyant mane and in­ tricate, fully undercut basketwork bridle. Engraved scrollwork on saddle. 23 jewels, 2 missing. Perfectly sound.
60" x 60" Price: $875.

S106   Later style, originally on Chafatino carousel. Elaborate trappings. 78 jewels, 2 missing. Sound con­dition.
54"x58" Price: $840.

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