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Illions Horses, Stubbmann Carousel (S101-S110, S301-S305)

This group of horses illustrates the wide spectrum of carving styles explored by Illions as he developed the distinctive trademarks and flourishes that distinguish his later work. The Stubbmann carousel received admixtures of later Illions styles at least twice. The present state of our research does not permit us to date each style exactly. We can certify that each horse is Illions-carved and that each was on the Stubbmann (Steeplechase) merry-go-round.

The Stubbmann group has been painted more recently than the Feltman horses but with less care. They are daubed with enamels straight from the can, jewels and all. Textural shading, color coordination and metallic accents are abandoned in favor of the philosophy of  tasteless expediency which symbolized the decline of Coney Island in later years. In order to do justice to Illions' fine carving, we advise that you plan to strip these horses and redecorate them in the Illions tradition. We will be happy to advise you in authentic techniques.


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