Flying Horses is proud to offer what we believe is the finest collection of carousel carvings ever offered to individual collectors. Because of the rarity of Ilions carvings and the unique history of these horses, it is unlikely that such an extensive selection will ever be available again. We hope the following illustrations and descriptions will answer any ques­tions you have. If you desire additional information, feel free to write or call us. Prices are quoted at the place of sale, Rolling Hills, California, and are sub­ject to change without notice. All items are offered subject to prior sale.

Great care has been taken with lighting and proc­essing to provide illustrations with maximum fidelity of contours and details of carving. Photographs are unretouched except to highlight some of the hooves, tails, and a few of the far legs which would otherwise be lost in shadow.

General Description. We have tried to be compre­hensive and explicit in the following descriptive mate­rial so our customers can be entirely confident in the quality of their selections. Each horse is offered as is, with no attempt to repair or restore the effects of wear and age. Most collectors prefer to determine for themselves how the restoration should be done. Those who value a natural patina will cherish every check and joint. Craftsmen who take pride in restoring a carving to mint condition want the satisfaction of doing their own work. Prices have been adjusted relative to the condition of each figure, although the value is largely .determined by the rarity, quality, style, and age of the individual carving.

All of the Coney Island horses have been well-preserved by the lavish care and annual refurbishing they received during their active years. Except where specifically noted, there is no apparent erosion of carved relief or fine details. Visible damage is limited to loosening or breakage of extremities. Every in­stance of such damage is listed. Check-cracks in paint corresponding to joint lines are not described if joints are sound.

Descriptions of damage have been standardized for maximum clarity. If a joint has spread slightly without breakage or weakening, so that it can be repaired by simply injecting glue, we have said it needs glue. If there is breakage which can be reapproximated


 and repaired firmly with pegs and glue, the part is said to be broken or split, depending on the grain of the wood. If there is extensive damage which impairs the strength or contour of a part, the area is said to be shattered. Shattered joints will generally require splinting with new wood if they are to bear weight. If the horse is to be supported on a stand, such damage may be repairable with glue and filler. If any part has been broken away and lost, it is said to be missing.

Many of the jewels have been painted over, so we cannot describe their surface. As a rule, exposed jewels are somewhat worn, with variable tarnishing of the mirror backing. Chips or cracks are listed, as are any missing jewels. The count of jewels listed for each horse represents those in place, not including those noted as damaged or missing. Glass eyes are in good condition unless otherwise noted.

All of the horses were provided with horsehair tails, most of which are badly worn and shortened. Because of the need for retouching, the appearance of the tails in the illustrations may not correspond exactly to their present condition. We expect most buyers will wish to replace the tails, so we have not itemized the instances of absence or exceptional wear.

Measurements indicate the space required to con­tain the figure, with height listed first. Height is determined from the lowest point to the highest point when the figure is in normal position on a vertical rod. All horses within each numbered series are of the same general size and bulk. Variations hi meas­urement reflect differences in pose.

Illions Horses, Feltman Carousel (F101-F109)

These are among the finest carousel horses ever carved. Each horse is large, powerful and well-proportioned, and each has a personality all its own. The decorating was done with skill and imagination, with careful attention to texture and shading. The painted surface has aged to a handsome patina, lined with parallel checks and punctuated with occasional chips ringed with dozens of layers of colors and gold leaf. Following a tendency of the last thirty years, bodies and manes are sometimes painted in eccen­tric colors, and gold leaf is not profuse. Those who wish to strip away more recent color schemes and


restore classical decoration will be rewarded with strikingly crisp, deep carving and meticulously en­graved scrollwork. Tails are dirty gray twisted nylon fiber, crying to be placed with natural horsehair. Except for F103, each stationary horse has a con­cealed access door and large unmirrored jewels de­signed for internal illumination.

F101 This handsome horse is a beautifully finished natural palomino. The eagle, tassels and trappings retain bright gold leaf. 11 large jewels, all intact; 2 small jewels, 3 missing. Horse stands without support on sound, weight-bearing legs. Break in right rear hock has been repaired recently. Right front leg is shattered above the knee, mended with an iron strap.
Dimensions:60"x62"        Price:$1285.

F102 Saddle blanket is elaborately scrolled under paint. Pleasing patina, orange body and olive mane. 13 large jewels; 20 small. Sound except for easily re­paired broken left front knee. Some paint removed from lower leg beyond break. Edge of right ear slightly eroded.
59"x59"        Price: $1175.

F103 Pictured on page 128, A Pictorial History of the Carousel. Richly jewelled bridle and trappings. Bas-relief star and sphinx on harness. 11 large jewels;
66 small. Embossed brass tassels. Colors same as F102. Stands without support. Sound condition ex­cept for split in left front hoof. Finish over rump marred.        
60"x61"         Price: $1180.

F104 Very rare Illions carving. May be an example of his earliest work in this country. Adapted for illumination using same techniques as Looff horses FL101-103, including porcelain light socket. Carving of mane reminiscent of Looff style but larger, with eight full undercuts. General tone heavier, less grace­ful than Illions' later work. Eagles on each side of saddle flank an unusual facial design. Front harness carries flying eagle and American shield against fish-scale background. 7 large jewels. Careful detailing of anatomical features. Gold-color body, coral mane. Right front hoof split. Left front knee poorly re­paired.
59"x65"        Price: $1495.



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