The Galloping Restored, Reappears at La Ronde.

Continued- Translated from French

So this Saturday, September 22, 2007 that I realized, in the company of my son, Stephane, the park "La Ronde" to review this mythical carousel that has rocked throughout my childhood. I could you describe the emotion brought face of this monument, which undoubtedly remains one of the most beautiful crafts vendors in the world. I found myself engrossed, there are fifty years, when the Fiesta still had all their meaning.

The weather, climate Canadians have not arranged things. The organ is no longer functional, animation, music is provided by galloping soundtracks running in a loop. The gondolas, whose oscillations and left-front were so spectacular, are now fixed. I am concerned about the lack of angel overlooking one of the gondolas, a symbol of galloping.  Yet it was present at the unveiling of May 19 and June 16.  I deplore the extremely slow turnover carousel, slow inappropriate for this kind of carousel, which should turn a certain pattern in order to ensure a realistic movement galloping horses. Security measures (Non-Attached) invoked by those responsible for "La Ronde" does not satisfy me. Limited access to children and their families, for reasons of safeguarding cultural heritage, would it not be a reason to justify this slow?

 After 122 years, I can understand that some mechanisms and the organ are defective but the turning of the carousel remains an enigma.

Despite these inconveniences, the restoration of galloping is a success and I must thank the sponsors, officials and artisans who have contributed to make this carousel of origin Liégeoise its former glory.


The horses have been restored by craftsmen Montrealers.
Photo : Ralf NICOLL.


A view of one of the gondolas.
Photo : Ralf NICOLL


The Galloping into its "jewel"
Photo : Ralf NICOLL.


Another view gondola.
Photo : Ralf NICOLL.


The horses were fully replenished.
Photo : Ralf NICOLL.


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