The Galloping Restored, Reappears at La Ronde.

Translated from French


In 1964, some time before leaving Belgium, Jacques Bairolle evoked sadness he felt to see "his" Galloping leave his home town of Liege.  Some 43 years later, Jacques Bairollel would be proud and happy with the work carried out by our Canadian cousins.


While waiting for a release of those responsible for "La Ronde" indicating whether or not galloping would be restored, they announce that the carousel totally refurbished jewel Heritage Montreal, would be redesigned and developed on the site of The Ronde in May 2007.

It is the company "Carousel Magic" world renowned and implanted in the USA which was responsible for the restoration of galloping except, decorations and wooden horses that have been replenished during winter 2006-2007, by many artisans Montrealers. This team work made it, galloping, the greatness and nobility it deserves.

The organ, out of use for many years was not restored.

As announced, the first inauguration of the carousel took place on May 19, 2007, in the presence of many dignitaries. The mounting Galloping not entirely complete, the carousel could not make a single tower ride and also experienced some problems with the lighting.

So, on June 16 at the second inauguration in the context of the fortieth anniversary of the park at La Ronde, the carousel was officially his first run of ride.



Steam engine reconstituted
Photo : La Ronde


Steam engine topped by the mechanism of rotation of galloping.


Mounting the shed to serve as the Galloping pavilion.
Photos : La Ronde


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