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We are a grass roots effort lending support to preserving an iconic structure remaining from the 1964-65 New York Worlds Fair in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens, New York. We have spent the past several years gathering donations of materials and paint to restore some dignity to the structure in hoping it raises awareness towards its restoration and reuse.


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No items are for sale.  Prices in parenthesis are fair (no pun intended!) estimates of the item's retail market value.  This is solely intended as a reference to help you judge the value of your own collections or insurance values. Actual costs out in the real world may, and most probably will differ.  Also, these are not the values that these items were acquired for. I have many more items so feel free to send an inquiry about yours.

Most items tend to be available on ebay or similar sites at one time or another. Expect to pay less on these sites as
auctions should reflect more wholesale values. The exceptions are the rare items, some not originally not intended as souvenirs or collectibles (I.e. Street Signs or pieces off pavilions) where there could be much interest from serious collectors.

If you have items you want to know more about, please send me an email HERE . Photos would be helpful.

Better photos from my collection can be provided upon request. Some items may show up more than once in the photos, I move things around and its tough to keep up.

Items marked as REFERENCE show additional information/research about the item. For instance it may include an original photo from the Fair.

I enjoy collecting, researching and preserving the memories and items from the Fair.
Thank you for visiting!

Updated 1/22/2017

There are many rare items and NEW additions!


NEW Original "THIS WAY TO THE MONORAIL" sign that hung inside the Monorail station in 1965. This was located on the Exit side of the station directing guests to follow under the sign to the entrance side. This item is truly one-of-a-kind and value has yet to be determined. 96" x 18" Wood with aluminum frame.



View of the exit side of the station (note people coming down the escalator). The sign is visible bottom center of the photo (Courtesy Bill Cotter).

Zoom of the original "THIS WAY TO THE MONORAIL" sign.


Original Directory Map- 38"H x 45"W. Laminated stock mounted in original frame on thick plywood. Originally located at 'The Court of the Sun' ($1800).


My sister and I in front of the same type
of map at the worlds fair in 1965.

 We are pointing to our location. You can see a small black placard that denotes "You Are Here"


Same exact
 map location we posed in front of at the Worlds Fair in
1965 near the Pool of Industry!



UPDATE- VISIT YOUR POSTAL EXHIBIT map. Laminated. Approximately 18" x 14". These were installed on top of US Postal mailboxes for the 1965 season. 'You Are HERE' designation shows where this map was located. Lucky enough I found a photograph of the EXACT map at the fair!! Click on photo to enlarge. Only known map to exist. ($2000)


Original official 6' x 4' flag. Flew near Gate 8 by the end of the fair. ($600).

No items are for sale

Original official Information Center Banner 44" x 12" ($400).

Original official 3' x 3' Banner ($450).

Pennsylvania Day Plaque ($150).


NEW Left- Rare New York State Exhibit Medallion Plaque.  Hard wood with resin representation of the official medal sold at the pavilion. Obverse and reverse shown. Plaque is 20-1/4" x 11-1/2" Each disk is 7-3/4" diameter. ($300). Likely made by Progressive Medals Inc. from Pleasantville NY who minted the medals shown on the Right- Various metals, one shown in Lucite block ($35). Each medal 1-1/2" diameter ($25).


Original street sign from the fair. 
24-1/4" x 5-1/4"
Double sided.
"Avenue of the United Nations So."
The street where our beloved New York State Pavilion was located! >>



Original street sign from the fair.  "Avenue of Commerce"  24-1/4" x 5-1/4" ($500)



NEW Original street signs from the fair. Single sided.
"Gotham Plaza / Ave of Commerce"- 24" x 6-1/4"
"Court of the Astronauts"- 24" x 6-1/4"
"Court of the Moon"- 24" x 5-1/4"
($275 ea.)

Street sign at Gotham Plaza and Ave of Commerce. RCA behind.


NEW- "Lucy Day" Pin/button. For identifying the Press for a special day when Lucille Ball visited the fair. I framed and included a photo from that day during her visit to the New York State Pavilion. ($250). Great video with commentary about that day by Albert Fisher (second from left in the photo).


NEW- Pilgrim Glass tile on the left ($15); "As handblown at the New York World's Fair West Virginia Pavilion" printed on box with original blue glass horse from the Pilgrim Glass Exhibit ($75); House of Good Taste Exhibitors Club Plate 10" ($25); Festival of Gas plate 10" ($40); "Souvenir of the New York World's Fair" plush tiger ($25); Glass ashtray with fountain and Unisphere shown ($15); Maxwell House General Foods ashtray ($30); "Touch Me I'm a STAR Hollywood Pavilion" tin badge ($15); Swiss Sky Ride bottle opener (rare $40); Vatican Pavilion Lucite paperweight ($20); "In Appreciation" Boy Scouts of America Lucite Paperweight ($25); White Horse Scotch smoked glass tray ($20); Full box of mini plastic Unispheres, 10 Uni's in all ($200).


NEW- Morley Studios sample sales leaflet with World's Fair Coin and Postcard. Attached to 8.5 x 11" sheet with advertising to buy wholesale (modern frame)($25); Monorail cardboard Tote Seat and Carry-all ($125), Telescope with compass ($50); White Batting Helmet {$65); GE Progressland Bumper Sticker in modern frame ($25).


NEW- Employee ID cards. One for 1964 and one for 1965. Front and back pictured for each ($60 ea)


NEW- A pair of caricature portraits signed by the original artist. (modern frames)


NEW- Santa Maria items on the left: Plastic relief picture ($25), Painted bowl ($20), Metal and glass coasters ($10 ea), Leather coin purse ($25), Ceramic plate ($15). On the left is a Post Card signed by Disney Characters much like the norm is today at Disney Theme parks ($20), next is a nozzle from the Astral Fountain (priceless). Pocket Bible-Red ($5), Blue frosted Glass with Unisphere ($10), Lincoln Illinois paperweight ($30), Lincoln Illinois spoon ($8), Wooden Salt and Pepper Shakers on stand ($20), Cartier Sterling Silver bowl with two sided IBM Pavilion bronze medal in the base ($150), Cup and Saucer set ($20), Unisphere sun glasses on card (rare to find with lenses)($125), Unisphere automobile license plate ($150), Belgian Village souvenir small pitcher ($40), Denmark Pavilion white bowl ($30), Denmark Pavilion Shot size glass ($25), Bronze Coasters ($8 ea), Round wood carving Hong Kong Pavilion ($15), New Jersey Pavilion round stickers ($6 ea), Masonic Brotherhood pens in box ($20 ea), Meet me at the the Smoke Ring pins ($10 ea), NYWF FTD Florist ash tray ($40).


NEW- L to R on bottom- Ceramic Banks: Three versions with various amounts of painted detail ($45 ea), Ceramic pitcher and bowl sets- one pink graphic and one blue ($20 ea), Black plastic ashtray ($20), ceramic ashtray with Unisphere ($15), Ford Pavilion amber glass ashtray ($25), American-Israel Pavilion square copper ashtray ($15),   American-Israel Pavilion round copper ashtray ($15), American-Israel Pavilion round patch ($25), Black Bakelite Ashtray with Unisphere 27th Convention AFL-CIO Sept 13-16 1965 ($25), Mini treasure chest box with pavilions depicted on plaque ($30), Worlds Fair Dixie Hotel Bumper Sticker ($20), Frying pan shaped ceramic spoon rest ($15), Misc items...Top Row L to  R- GM Futurama ticket ($20), pot metal salt and pepper on tray ($15), Thermometer in box ($20), Letter opener
on card ($20).


No items are for sale

NEW- L to R- General Foods Arches cufflink and tie tack set ($75), Toy pump top with pavilions depicted ($125), Brush and Comb set in package ($75), Large Unisphere brooch ($20), Small Unisphere brooch with rhinestones ($18), American Express Exchequer Club fob ($8), Cedar Box ($20), Tall glass with silver trim ($20), Kodak Camera ($20), Minnesota Pavilion pin faded ($10), Clip on Bow Tie ($35), Esso official map in vinyl folder ($10), Kodak pocket calendar ($8).


NEW- L to R on bottom-  Metal medallions in bag ($5 ea), Cup and Saucer set ($20), Maxwell House mug with General Foods Arch ($45), Wooden Pop Gun ($50), Long book of matches- World's Fair Marina ($20), Half Coffee mug ($20), Gold memo book w/pen($20), Black memo book w/pencil ($18), Various Sinclair Dinoland wax dinosaurs (they must say Worlds Fair on the base or they are from the traveling exhibit after the fair (Click HERE for more info)($30 ea), Fire King mug set- Grandma & Grandpa ($45), Large Cup and Saucer set ($30), Ceramic Unisphere bank ($20), Lady with Umbrella Pin Cushion ($40). Top Row L to R: Lucite coins paperweight (all 1964) ($40), Unisphere image viewer ($20), Philippines Shell painting of Unisphere ($20), NYC & Unisphere paper weight with mirrored back ($20), Alaska Pavilion statuettes ($25 ea), Sue Brett WF Plate ($25), Travel Gift Center at the Travel and transportation Pavilion paperweight ($25), Texas Music Hall shot glass ($12), Wax bust of John F Kennedy ($65).


NEW- L to R: Unisphere keychain in box ($20), Souvenir Flag w/fringe ($20), Whistle for your beer mug ($15), Pieta statue ($20), Brandy Snifter hand etched with Unisphere ($50), First Day Cover (July 4, 1964) with authentic original signatures of Robert Moses and Mayor Robert Wagner ($75), Leather change purse ($20), Recipe file tin ($20).


Loft's Chocolate Mold
approximately 14" x 6" ($200).

NEW- Loft's Chocolate Souvenir Box-
Tower of Light
Seems the right size for the chocolate mold pictured to the left ($25)


Heywood Wakefield Cutting Board ($50).

New- Pencil Set ($50)


Tower of Light: Glow Card ($20); 45 rpm record ($20); two pages of bluprints ($50); Original aluminum sign that hung in the pavilion ($750); Tower of Light binder with behind the scenes information, photos, documents and odds & ends, not meant for the public ($250).

No items are for sale

Original framed certificate with original signatures for a corporation member
Mary G. Roebling who was a fairly significant public figure ($200).
World's Fair Advisory Board, Chairman of Women's Cooperation on the Hall of Free Enterprise steering committee,
the Advisory Ways and Means Committee for the New Jersey pavilion


NEW- Original official New Jersey Tercentennial flag approximately 5' x 4'.
From the NJ Pavilion ($150). See next photo below...



NEW- Cities Services Desk Set.  Mini flags of the USA, World's Fair and New Jersey Tercentennial. With box and stand (not pictured). Looks like the same set was used for the photo on the right (Bill Cotter Collection). ($25).



UPDATED- Various original uniform patches ($20-50). US Space Park (upper left) and New York State Exhibit $75.

US Space Park patches on Uniforms at the Worlds Fair
Bill Cotter Collection



More examples of patches on Uniforms at the Worlds Fair. L-R: Golden Girl (Greyhound), Fire Dept., NYS Exhibit
Photos Gail Savage O'Connell, B. Young and R. Treadway respectively


NEW- Early original NY World's Fair Logo, likely 1961.
Printed on board and hand colored. Approx. 12" Sq. Modern frame. ($200)


Exhibits and Amusements Road Sign. Reflective paint on plywood. Smaller signs with the exact wording appeared on the ticket booths at all gates, see below.  Unsure of the original location but original owner suggested it was near an entrance to the fair. I would guess the parking lot areas.. 36" x 48" ($450)



Gotham Gate with ticket booths.
(Photo: Bill Cotter)

On each ticket booth was a sign with identical wording to the large sign above. These are zooms of the photo on the left.

No items are for sale


Host Pack ad sign from Mobil Gas Stations. Heavy cardboard stock. 22" x 44" ($200)
Old photo: Paul Stipkovich Collection
Director's Plaque. Medallion approx 3.5" across. Hardwood. ($100)


NEW- Allied Maintenance Uniform (short sleeve shirt, trousers, tie and badge) ($300)

Allied Maintenance at the fair with jacket and helmet
Photo: Bill Cotter


Boy Scout Service Jacket from original owner! with patch ($125)


Boy Scouts at the Fair (Photo: Bill Cotter}



Pinkerton Police Chest Badge, Hat Badge and Tie Clip. Dress shirt with Police patch and Pinkerton Patch ($300). 
World's Fair Police badge (holder not original) minor damage on enamel ($250). World's Fair Police hat badge ($225). World's Fair Police Tie Clip ($75)

Pinkerton World's Fair Police in action wearing the dress shirt with patched and badges.


Golden Girl Greyhound Jacket with patch ($250)

Ladies Admissions shirt with patch ($150)


UPDATED- Men's Greyhound Bus/Glide-A-Ride/ Escorter Uniform Jacket ($175)

NEW- Ladies Admissions jacket with patch ($200)


NEW- Continental Insurance Tie with logo ($50)

NEW- Men's Admissions jacket with patch ($200)

No items are for sale


NEW- Souvenir stand streamer/banner. Approximately 24' long. Shown at right on
Souvenir Stand from the fair (B. Cotter ($200)


NEW- Souvenir medals and tokens. Various metals from various places and pavilions ($5 to $75 for the silver medal centered)


If you have your own items you want to know more about, or if you want info about an item shown, please send me an email HERE


NEW- Souvenir tokens, fobs, pins and sterling silver charms ($5 to $25)


UPDATED- Interesting flat tin dish.  This very common dish is presented in its raw printed form before before it was formed into a dish. ($25)

NEW- Unisphere balloon with stand and mailer ($45); Paper folded AMF Monorail conductor hat with sticker ($50); Stack of Alaska Village napkins ($20)


UPDATED- Three variations of the plastic elephant bank- Orange/Blue; Blue/Orange; Blue/White. ($50 ea.)

NEW- Local 318 AFL-CIO Labor Union 27th Convention ashtray from Sept. 12-18, 1965 ($25); Maxwell House mug with archway ($45); Travel Gift Center souvenir ($20); Santa Maria coaster ($10)


NEW- Paint by Numbers set complete ($200)


NEW- Chunky Candy shopping bag ($20); Wooden trivet from the Belgian Village ($40); Charm Bracelet with pavilion charms ($40); Metal thermometer with Unisphere ($20); Parachute toy with pavilions depicted on chute, weight with American Flag in package ($30); The Pilgrim Glass Company tile handblown glass, West Virginia Pavilion ($25); Plastic pencil holder ($20); SKF Bumper Sticker (Rare $45); Small Photo Album in package ($30); Autograph Album ($25)


NEW- Better Living Center (BLC). Shopping bag (blue and orange Unisphere on reverse ($25); Hershey's candy tin from the BLC ($45); Hershey's chocolate bar wrappers from the BLC ($10 ea)

No items are for sale

UPDATED- Child's Bibs ($45 ea.)


NEW- Lighters shown Front (Left photo) and Back (Right photo). Back row L-R: Top of the Fair musical lighter ($75); Table lighter with disk calendar on the back 1962-1977 ($60); Table lighter with box ($60); Jumbo lighter that works ($150); Middle row R-L: Pocket lighter with the same graphics as the jumbo, in box with insert ($35); His and Her lighter set in box ($50); Gold tone with various pavilions ($25); Pocket lighter with various pavilions ($30); Front row L-R: Medium size table lighter with box ($40); Mini table lighter ($20); Top of the Fair medium table lighter ($35)



(Photo Yvette Pintar)

Original Bell Telephone phone booth map.
Great condition. 
Rust on left side from screw that held the frame
closed on the booth! ($750). See NYWF Phone Booth Legacy

Original Bell Telephone phone booth at the fair. These serpentine phone booths were scattered throughout the fair and had varying numbers of phones.


Original Subway Signs- Tin
Top- 8" x 30" ($450)
Bottom- 8" x 24" ($400)


Original Subway Sign- Tin- approximately 24" x 24" ($600)


Original Bus Stop Sign- Two Sided Thick Tin- 16"H x 12" at the top ($600)


Dexter Press Post Card Poster- Paper approximately 12" x 36" (excluding frame $30)



Golden Girl doll- ($125), Laminated map- same graphic as tin telephone booth sign above- approximately 19-1/2" x 22" (excluding frame $250), Plastic elephant bank-orange with blue detail- see blue one below ($50), Travel case ($45).

No items are for sale

Rocket Bank- horizontal type ($300), Metal ash tray with nice Unisphere ($50).


Original Shea Stadium seat frame.  The seat was refurbished with the red plastic before the 1980 NY Mets season ($750). Leaning on the seat is the Mets first free giveaway (Polo Grounds 1962- not fair related but still cool!) in its original condition, a paper Mets kite ($75). A single panel from the many cube shaped luminaires from the fair ($250).

Plastic paperweight with encased 1964 uncirculated coins, also has the words New York World's Fair 1964 - 1965 floating inside ($25). A nozzle from the Astral Fountain.  In 2010 the remaining fountain ring with nozzles was removed in order for a skate park to be built within the fountain border.  We were able to get some pieces with the gracious help of the construction and demolition crew. ($100). A sterling silver medal on a stand for your desk ($275).

Original unused directional road sign made for local highways around the fair ($750).
This is an unused sign that was acquired by T. Kamecke for production of the film "To the Fair" in 1964.
The arrow has recently been applied.

UPDATE- Original directional road sign from the local highways around the fair ($600).

No items are for sale



Brazilian currency from The American Express Money Tree- Photo of tree on right and a close-up of currency hanging on the tree ($300)


Framed print of the U.S. Pavilion- most likely 1963.  Litho type print on board by
Carlos Diniz.($1250) ~44" x 22".



NEW ITEMS ADDED Placards from 'The Model Room'.  The model room was housed in the administration building with Robert Moses'
office.  A picture of the model with placards shown along with a brochure under the placards. ($100 ea.) Several have original bases. 
Equitable Life pictured in the photo on the left. President Kennedy visits the Model Room in 1962 on the right.



Ceiling Tile from China Pavilion ($45).

Ceiling Tiles shown in the pavilion (Photo: Bill Cotter)


Allied Maintenance Badge ($150 ea).

No items are for sale

Plastic Orange from Florida Pavilion ($30), Two sets of chopsticks ($20), Plastic silvertone slat & pepper urns ($15), Plastic blue & orange Unisphere salt & pepper ($30), Twins coffee mug ($20), Plastic bakelite? ashtray ($15), Belmont Plaza Hotel Guest Pin ($45)

Left: Series of 3 book cover packages ($10 ea), Plastic elephant bank-blue with orange detail ($40), Vinyl drawstring pouch ($35). Right: Rotary banner ($20), 4" wooden yoyo excellent condition ($100), Toy metal telescope ($75), Mugs with name on one side, Unisphere on other- these are a set of Grandma/Grandpa ($10ea), Plastic Unisphere pencil sharpener ($20), two plastic back scratchers ($35 ea), Car bumper Medallion "Member" ($150).

Left: Larger- space allocation map showing all plots with square footage- labeled 'Confidential' and dated April 1964 ($75). Smaller-Police Department Post Map April 1, 1964. Folded to pocket size ($45).  Right: Top: Envelope for two posters (posters not pictured on this page)($35). Bottom: Postcard Advertisement for Dexter Press ($25).


Left: Towels ($20 ea.)  Right: Large towel ($25), Autograph Dolphin, Florida 1965 ($75)


Left: Carousel Park Album ($25), Photo Album Binder ($20), Plastic Tumbler in box ($15), Cracker Tray in box ($10), Party card Game ($25)  Right: 7UP plastic tray ($10), Napkin and glass dish set in box ($30), Dime Savings bank- looks like thermometer ($75), Ceramic Bookends ($45), Ceramic Bank ($35), Light up Wand on card ($25), GE Progressland Money Clip in box ($50), Inflatable Ball ($20), Unisphere Picture Viewer on card ($30).

No items are for sale

Left: Laminated 'You Are Here' Map- Only one known to remain ($2000), Plastic Unisphere mint in box ($100), Metal Unisphere mint in box ($150), Futurama Medal in Lucite in box ($50), Lucite Hourglass ($40), Plastic Ashtray ($15), Collapsible travel cup ($10), Slide Puzzle on card ($75), ID bracelet in box ($25), New York State Pavilion keychains and bracelet- gold tone and silver tone ($25 ea), Copper Bracelet ($15)   Right: Trash Can ($75), Tin Greyhound Toy Bus mint with box ($275).


wf1.JPG (70308 bytes)

wf2.JPG (32003 bytes)

Left: Greyhound Bus/Glide-A-Ride/Escorter Uniform Jacket, size 40R ($175) and pillow ($30). Right: Patches: Top- Administration ($30), Police ($20), Space Park Host ($30) and Small Unisphere($15), Green Plate ($10), Welcome Red Carpet ($15), Form letter on WFC Letterhead- Invitation to Opening Day ($20).


wf3.JPG (71590 bytes)

wf4.JPG (42006 bytes)

Left: Lower left- Paper Placemat ($5), 3 puzzles from boxed set ($20), Top- NYS Pavilion Pennant ($40). Right: Brown Plate ($10), Monorail (stickers ($5), tickets($2), postcard ($2), NYS Pavilion Paper Placemat($15), Two Puzzles (double sided, $12).


wf5.JPG (42593 bytes)

wf6.JPG (55435 bytes)

Top: First Day Cover from Opening Day of the Fair ($5), Full Sheet 5 cent Postage Stamps ($12), First Day Cover (July 4, 1964) with authentic original signatures of Robert Moses and Mayor Robert Wagner ($75).  Bottom: Pennant with NYS Towers and Greyhound Escorter ($20), Partial Canvas Banner (framed)($125).

No items are for sale

wf7a.JPG (83108 bytes)wf7b.JPG (86122 bytes)

Admission Tickets ($5 ea), Window Stickers ($15/set), Glasses ($10 ea), Coins ($5-$10), Tokens ($5-$10), Medallions ($10-$30), Flag ($10), Neutron Irradiated Dime ($8), Pin Dishes ($15 ea), Chrome and glass Coasters ($5 ea), Egg Timer ($30), NYS Pavilion Token in box ($20) and Dish in box ($65), Charms ($5-$10), TV Viewer ($25), Pins ($5-10), Letter Opener ($20), Daily Dime Banks mint on cards ($50 ea), Maps ($5-10), Brass Placque Oldsmobile Curved Dash Rally (GM Pavilion)($50), Ruffled Glass Dish ($5), Keychains in package ($10-$20), Rain Bonnet ($5), Tin Ashtrays ($3 ea), Two  Triangular Change Purses ($20 ea), Plastic Coasters ($5 ea), Metal Coasters ($3 ea), Trinket Box ($30), Key Shaped Thermometer ($15), Books, Brass Ashtry with NYC Skyline and Liberty ($15), Bumper sticker ($12), Vinyl Carry Bag mint in plastic wrap ($30), Beret ($20), Apron ($20), Scarf ($12), Odds and Ends.


wf8a.JPG (42213 bytes)wf8b.JPG (84284 bytes)

WF License Plate ($75), License plate topper ($20), Boy Scout Neckercheif ($15) and Patch ($15), Houze Art Glass Trays ($5-$15 note: a few rare versions are valued higher by market), Spoon ($8), Pocket Mirror ($15), Ford GITD Badge (NY) ($10), WF Logo Pin ($15), Glass Ash Tray ($15), Greyhound Glide-A-Ride Tin Toy with Box ($250), Greyhound Postcards ($2), Greyhound Map ($5), Greyhound Puzzle ($8), Greyhound Patch ($20), Greyhound Luggage Tag ($10), Greyhound Escorter Tin Toy ($250), Pocket Knife ($25), Unicef Pins ($3), 1964 WF Olympic Trials Pin ($20), Peter and Wendy Salt and Pepper ($60), Pocket Flashlight ($15), Car Medallion ($30), Cutting Board ($6), Anchor Hocking Plate ($15), Ashtray green and white ($8), Toy Binoculars ($35), Lighters ($20), Steel Ashtry with Unisphere ($35), Plastic Rings ($6 ea), Money Clips ($12), Encased Cent (Never Go Broke) ($10), Post card folders ($5), Special Event Ticket ($6), 1964 NYS License sticker ($10).


wf9a.JPG (79674 bytes)wf9b.JPG (77069 bytes)

NYS Pavilion Sticker ($15), Wooden Tray ($15), Mugs ($5-$15), Glass($10), Pins ($10), Ribbons ($20), Rain Bonnet ($5), Salt and Pepper Spheres with Tray ($12), Belgian Villiage Mini Mug ($20), Ceramic Bank ($45), Pencil ($3), Postal Service Last Day of Fair Folder ($20), Coffee Hound Mug ($10), Battery Power Hand Held Fan with box ($35), Ceramic Salt and Pepper Unispheres with box ($15), Plastic Unisphere ($15), Steel Unisphere ($50?), Plates ($5-$15), Flip Calendar ($25), Coffee Mug ($8), Milk Caps ($3 ea), Children's Card Game ($6), Netted Tote Bag (on top of coffee mug)($20), Sinclair Dinoland Dinosaurs ($30 ea), Frosted Glass Tumbler Set of 8 ($40), Sky Ride Bumper Sticker ($10), Flashlight ($20), Tower of Light Lens Tissue Packs ($3 ea), Viewmaster Set of 6 packs ($20/pack), Jewelry ($5-$30), Postcards ($1-$3), Weather Cards($15 ea), Playing Cards ($15), Long Book of Matches ($10).


wf10a.JPG (82492 bytes)wf10b.JPG (82670 bytes)

Admission Ticket Order Form ($15), Metal Trays ($5-$10), Postcards ($5), Glass ($8), Wood Coaster Set ($20), Salad Servers ($15), US Royal Tire Ferris Wheel Toy ($125), Metal Rocket Bank ($150), Flag shown rolled up: larger size on pole ($20), Two sizes of Steins ($8-$15), Jim Beam Decanter ($10), NYS Pavilion Glass ($15), Cupie Doll ($25), Cup and Saucer ($10), Brass Bell in box ($15), Copper Ashtrays not pictured ($8), Kodak Camera ($20), LIRR Bumber Sticker ($10), Sorocco Plate ($6), Giant Pencils ($8), Vinyl Belt ($25), NYS License Plate ($35).

No items are for sale

wf11.JPG (91276 bytes)wf12.JPG (45921 bytes)

Left: Large Metal Tray ($25), Smaller metal tray ($10), Straw Cowboy Hat ($25), Felt Hat with Feather ($25), Traveler's 'Triumph of Man' Record ($1), Panorama Game ($30), 'It's A Small World' Record ($5) Right: Lowenbrau Stein ($20), "Commemorative Replica-Avis Antique Car Ride-1964-65 New York World's Fair" ($150)


wf13.JPG (338085 bytes)wf14.JPG (215770 bytes)

Left: Plactic banks in box (blue bank shown, orange version still in box)($25), Steel Unisphere bank with box ($45), pin cushion (top center)($40), Miss New York World's Fair doll ($120), Greyhound Bus Driver doll ($140), plastic Unisphere in original packaging ($35), ceramic Unisphere ashtray with rings ($35), 3D Viewer 'n Slides in box with extra slides ($25), paper Coca Cola cup ($10), snow dome with calendar ($25), large black purse ($20), small blue purse "Tent of Tomorrow" ($30), three different cigarette lighters ($25-$50), inflatable Unisphere ($30), logo magnifying glass ($15), logo medallion ($12), Peter & Wnedy change purse ($15), logo bolo tie ($20), wooden pop gun ($50), peep viewer with mailer tag (photo of Unisphere inside) ($30), plastic "Working Press" pin ($50).  Right: Two children's hats ($15 ea), belt with Unisphere buckle ($35), autograph hound in plastic bag (mint)($50), Jr. Monorail toy in package (post fair but based on AMF monorail of the fair)($75), children's tee shirt (unused)($30).


wf15.JPG (205481 bytes)

Left: Hanging calendar tapestry noting all the days the fair was open in both 1964 and 1965 ($30), shopping bag (in frame) ($20), Certificate of appreciation from Robert Moses (form letter with autopen signature) for attending the fair (in frame)($20), Peter & Wendy bobble heads with boxes ($100), hanging plate/ashtray with great graphics ($20), terrycloth towel (unused)($25), umbrella (with blue and orange Unisphere's)($40). Right: Round plate ($10), Octagonal glass plate ($20), First Day Cover "Heigh Ho - Come to the Fair" depicting NYS Pavilion and stamps from '39-40 NY World's Fair, Seattle Fair, San Francisco, Brussels and 1964 NY ($25), Printed add for Peter and Wendy Dolls  and Miss NY World's Fair Doll (listed above)($8), Silk woven book mark ($15), AMF Monorail coupons, tickets, flyer and "Pioneer" patch/sticker ($2-$10 ea.)

No items are for sale

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